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First of all congratulations on your new store!

Question: How do you like being back in Copenhagen opening your 2nd store?
Answer: It feels super great to open up a another store in Copenhagen! The first location at Vestergade was a Weekday location, a bit underground and off but now it feels great to have a store at the most vibrant and crowded street where everyone can find us.

Question: How did you come up with this unique Retail shop design?
The interior is designed by the Swedish architects at No Picnic. The latest 1.0 concept is inspired by natural disasters such as tornados and also explosions. Everything in the store is skew and tossed and turned. The interior is attached on the walls, coming down from the roof and placed randomly around in the store.
We are not testing the interior. If we think it looks interesting, fun and nice we just go for it! It's a lot of heart and guts in what we do and we are not compromising too much with the creativity. We want to develop new and interesting solutions and how to present our assortment.

Question: What can the customer expect from this new store?
Answer: You can expect a fun interior, nice staff, interesting music, a relaxed atmosphere when you are shopping. Also to discover more details after a while that you haven't seen or noticed the first time you visited the store. There will also be some interesting collaborations in the future and of course the mix of collections from MTWTFSS WEEKDAY, CHEAP MONDAY and our WEEKDAY VINTAGE. For example on Friday there will be limited Customized jeans from Cheap Monday released in the store and there will be a fun party the night before.

Question: Can you place three keywords on the style of Weekday?
Answer: fun, graphic, speed

Question: Can you tell us about the new Collection?
Answer: The collection of MTWTFSS WEEKDAY SS10 is called "WHITE LIGHT".
MTWTFSS WEEKDAY concept is about the basics of shapes, basics of time and basics of light .

Question: What is your favourite key items?
Answer: I love the peached long, loose, beige trench coat. It's perfect! The bleached, long denim shirt with cut/ripped shoulders is also a favourite this spring. There is also a lot of nice all over patterns!

Question: Can you tell us about some of your future projects?
Answer: Weekday do always have 1000 things going on:-) It's a crazy speed all the time, but it's fun! There are some fun projects going on for our WEEKDAY STORE MADE part, new things every week.
We do also have some interesting collaborations going on with clubs and other nice people both for our stores and at external locations. So keep your eyes open!

Question: WEEKDAYS in 5 years?
Answer: The new and next chapter takes place around the globe !

/Anne & Rune Park

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  1. OMG en nice blog - som jeg med glæde vil følge (:
    Tag endelig et smut forbi min blog (:

  2. fantatsik blog :) keep it up

  3. Jag designar egna smycken som jag sedan säljer på min blogg till kanonpriser. tex budskaps/namnarmband endast för 79 kr. Givetvis håller dessa mycket hög kvalite. Man kan välja sin egna text och dessa finns i många fina färger.Perfekt att ge bort i present/julklapp. Ber om ursäkt om du ej tycker om att jag gör reklam för min blogg då är det bara att radera detta. Men de är helt klart värda att kolla in


    mvh malin

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  5. Very tricky questions. Are available for all of us though!

  6. Hej piger :-)
    - Super super fed blog, med mange fine billeder. Det er meget inspirerende.
    Kram fra Johanne/Kig hellere end gerne forbi min blog, det vil gøre mig super glad.

  7. super fed blog, i har :-)

    - Tag gerne et smut forbi min blog, hvor jeg lige nu har en give a way igang! http://amaliehoelgaard.blogspot.com/p/give-way-igang.html



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